Northwood Announces This Week's "Timberwolves Tough" Award Winners

Northwood Announces This Week's "Timberwolves Tough" Award Winners

In the fall of 2014, the Northwood Athletic Department created the "Timberwolves Tough" award. This award will be given to student-athletes who excel in the following areas:

- Take responsibility for your role
O - Others above self
U - Unwavering effort
G - Get prepared
H - Handle the heat

Any students, whether starters, subs, practice squad, can be nominated and recognized. The winners will be awarded a dri-fit shirt.

Here are the 2014-15 winners:

Aleigha Wylie – Women's Basketball (nominated by a teammate)

  • Unwavering effort- competes hard every day in practice and every game
  • Gets prepared in the weight room – breaking team squat record

Cassandra Marsh – Volleyball (nominated by a coach)

  • Others above self – despite often being in pain fought through to be great teammate, maintaining a great attitude
  • Get prepared – practices hard every day

Kory Schrauben – football (nominated by a teammate)

  • Unwavering effort -  worked extremely hard to go from walk-on to starter.  Then after an injury prevented him from playing, worked hard to get back and has started every game last two years.
  • Has great attitude and is a quiet leader on the team

Kristen Riley – Women’s soccer (nominated by a coach)

  • Takes responsibility for her role by giving her all regardless of how much playing time she gets
  • Others above self – is about the team, playing hard with a great attitude all the time

Marco Nickens – football (nominated by an athletic trainer)

  • Unwavering effort after suffering one of worst possible injuries last fall worked extremely hard to get back
  • Gets prepared by being active member of team even though could not play in the spring and helping his teammates get prepared
  • Others above self – one of most positive team members constantly trying to push teammates to get better and encouraging them

Grace Cannon – Women’s golf (nominated by a teammate)

  • Others above self – despite dealing with family health issues she was dedicated to the team when it would have been easy to put the team aside
  • Handles the heat – was top team performer in many tournaments and is a team leader to encourage others to be at their best
  • Gets prepared – during her red-shirt year came to every practice and function to be ready for the following season

Joey Davis – Men’s track (nominated by a teammate)

  • Unwavering effort, gets prepared – missed last year due to ACL injury and has worked extremely hard to get back with the team and ready to compete
  • Responsibility for his role – his hard work and dedication have motivated teammates to work harder and focus on getting better

Gino Pasquali – Men’s Soccer (nominated by a coach)

  • Puts others above self with work ethic and discipline to help team
  • Takes responsibility to play his role to his fullest
  • Handled the heat in tie vs SVSU with gritty, all-out performance

Cody Knoll – Football (nominated by a teammate)

  • Unwavering effort to come back from two knee surgeries and work to become a key member of the defensive line
  • Takes responsibility for his role by working to get the most out of his ability despite being undersized for his position

Sarah Murdoch – Women’s Soccer (nominated by a coach)

  • Shows unwavering effort by overcoming five knee surgeries but has worked hard to get back on the field
  • Takes responsibility for her role by contributing whatever she can for as long as she can

Brad Oxnevad – Football (nominated by a coach)

  • Puts team goals first, performing with maximum effort without recognition
  • Offensive line was fully prepared to execute game plan to perfection
  • Handles the heat – in win against Northern Michigan offensive line came through in the clutch with game on the line