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Men's Tennis Falls At Davenport 4-3

Men's Tennis Falls At Davenport 4-3


Davenport Panthers 4, Northwood Timberwolves 3
RECORDS: Davenport (8-9, 3-6 GLIAC), Northwood (3-14, 2-6 GLIAC)
LOCATION: Grand Rapids, Mich.
RECAP: Men's Tennis ends season with tough 4-3 loss at Davenport Tuesday afternoon (April 20).


  • After the teams split the first two doubles matches of the day, the first point of the match came down to the No. 3 match. The Panthers earned the win in a tiebreaker 7-6, giving Davenport a 1-0 lead heading into singles.
  • Northwood won three matches in singles, picking up victories at the No. 2, No. 4 and No. 5 positions.
  • The Panthers took the win thanks to taking the other three singles contests.
  • Five of the six matches were decided in straight sets.



  • The Timberwolves have now completed their season.

Singles competition

1. J.L. van Antwerpen (DU) def. Leon Grundstrom (NU) 6-4, 6-2

2. Ben Brandherm (NU) def. Frank Piana (DU) 7-6 (7), 6-3

3. Jonathan Bulmer (DU) def. Mathis Violet (NU) 7-5, 6-3

4. Tony Henrio (NU) def. Juan Contoleon (DU) 1-6, 6-3, 6-2

5. David Sedlar (NU) def. Matt Leatherman (DU) 6-4, 6-1

6. Bernard Anderson (DU) def. Clayton Scott (NU) 6-0, 6-2


Doubles competition

1. J.L. van Antwerpen/Jonathan Bulmer (DU) def. Ben Brandherm/Mathis Violet (NU) 6-4

2. Leon Grundstrom/David Sedlar (NU) def. Frank Piana/Juan Contoleon (DU) 6-3

3. Bernard Anderson/Matt Leatherman (DU) def. Clayton Scott/Tony Henrio (NU) 7-6 (3)